At Connections Through Horses we realize there are a wealth of opportunities for individuals to work with horses. However, we focus on a couple of different areas that are near and dear to our hearts

Youth Development Horsemanship

Horses help kids grow up by offering life lessons that contribute to building dreams. These benefits include: Respect, work ethic, problem solving techniques, choice, commitment, and trust. We encourage those lessons through horsemanship. We have the perfect balance of private mounted classes and group unmounted classes. During private mounted class, the focus is on one student while they are learning to ride the horse. Then each week, students have a group unmounted lesson so they can interact with other students, learn new skills, cooperate and interact.

Therapeutic & Adaptive Riding

There are numerous benefits to working with horses. First of all it doesn’t feel like work. Being in nature and interacting with a horse is therapy in an of itself. Start working on grooming, picking hooves, brushing manes, putting on tack and you are working on fine motor skills. Get a horse to trust you? You are working on social skills and patience. Lead a horse and you are working on balance and motor planning. Ride a horse and you are working on gross motor skills and core strength.

Equine Assisted Coaching

Not your typical coaching experience. Michael and Jamilyn have both been coaches for athletic teams. Michael is an NLP certified coach and Jamilyn is a self taught motivation guru. In these coaching sessions we encourage you to move forward with POWER! There will be discussion, there will be accountability, there will be goal setting. All of this takes place while working with the horses. The special sauce to working with the horses is they help you to relax, take your mind of your world (you know, the one that is making you scattered) and focus. You also will be gaining great confidence by learning some skills to work with horses on the ground.