Meet Sam

Hi everyone!

My name is Samantha, but you can call me Sam. I’m Jayme’s new assistant and I wanted to take a few minutes to introduce myself. I am here at the Temple Grandin Equine Center in Denver every Thursday and hopefully Wednesdays sometime soon. I started about a month ago and I am loving it so far!

A little about my background

I am a professional chef and have been for about 18 years now. I own my own catering business Eclat Culinary, co-own a fine dining pop-up company Avengard Events, and help run my fiancé’s food truck Cirque Kitchen. Prior to starting my company in 2018, I held chef and sous chef positions at various restaurants, country clubs, and contract foodservice accounts. I went to culinary school in GA and have worked in almost every position within a wide variety of kitchens. The pandemic has had an impact my catering business. I have been able to able to pivot into a meal prep delivery concept. No longer am I surrounded by friendly people, boisterous environments, and organized chaos all the time. The fun was lost! All 3 businesses survived the pandemic. However, looking a little different than they did when it started. Now I have a need for something a little different.

Enter Connections Through Horses

I have been a horse lover all my life, from my very earliest memories I have been captivated and fixated. I remember during car rides, looking out the window to search the fields outside for horses. Then I would announce to whoever would listen that there was indeed a horse outside. The #1 wish on every wish list was either riding lessons or a horse of my own. I never got the childhood pony, but my parents placated me with occasional lesson packages or a trail ride.

I finally bought my own horse in June of 2020, 1 year ago this month.

The perfect fit

Being able to combine my skills in customer service, marketing, and problem solving with my love for horses and connecting with people has been just what I need. It’s wonderful to be able to spend at least 1 day a week not thinking about placing food orders, or writing invoices, or the current price of chicken wings. I can just come in to work, get to be around some really amazing horses. Plus, I have a part in introducing the magic of riding to some truly awesome kiddos (and a couple adults!). They all learn something new every week . One of my very favorite things is watching someone’s eyes light up when they come in the barn, and observing their confidence grow over time.

I hope to continue doing this for a long time in one capacity or another. Who knows, perhaps I’ll fall in love with it so much that I decide to get certified as a therapeutic riding instructor myself! Time will tell, but in the meantime I hope I’ll be able to help grow Jayme’s program and share the love and countless benefits of horses with as many people as possible.

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