Our Horses


Yampa is a 2007 Model of a Missouri Foxtrotter. Her coloring is Buckskin. She is 14.5 hands tall. She has been with the program since 2019. Yampa is a little more reserved when you interact with her on the ground. She is very responsive and polite while riding and even our littlest riders have a great time riding her. Yampa actually came from a home in Parker and was a pasture pet for 10 years before joining us.


Gypsum is a 2009 version grade (non registered) quarter horse. Her coloring is referred to as pinto (if she was registered this coloring would be called paint) She is palomino pinto. She is right at about 14 hands. Gypsum came to us from a ranch in Walden, CO where she was used to move cattle. She also was a barrel racer and gymkhana horse. You will discover her love for barrels if you ever ride her in the arena where there is a barrel. She is super friendly on the ground and has a little bit of manageable sass when you ride her.


Frisco is an ex ranch horse. We know he is around 20 years old and is a grade quarter horse. His coloring would be Black bay – he is mostly black with a brown muzzle. He is around 15 hands and used to be a ranch working horse. Most previously he hailed from a family with kids in Elbert. Frisco is a fantastic well trained horse with good manners. He likes to splash in the water tank and run away from you when you try to catch him.