How can we help when a rider is anxious

Sometimes new things can be really hard and we need time to adjust. 

At Connections Through Horses, if one of our riders is having a hard time coming into the arena for classes, we are ready to make your experience more lighthearted and fun. This week in particular we got to show off our moves by doing the “splits” with one of our students! We made a deal with one of our students -if she came out right away for classes, we would do the splits! It’s okay to get nervous for class and riding on a big horse, we can make it an even more fun experience by adding something special to your riding time! Let’s make up a handshake, play a game on our horse, or do the “splits”, especially if it will help ease your riders anxiety for class.

Check out our picture from this week’s riding lesson! 

Anxiety can show up in many different forms throughout our body, and like horses, sometimes our body knows we are nervous about something before we are even aware. That is one of the  beautiful reasons why horses and humans can get along so well, we can really understand each other and grow together. 

This is what makes Connections Through Horses different from a typical riding facility. We have knowledge and are trained to work with students with different diagnosis. Many times the diagnosis is not something obvious to others. We can see it and our instructors are trained to work with these “special needs” with patience and make adaptations. At the end of the day, we want our students to become better people that are equipped to handle whatever life throws at them regardless of their abilities.

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