Here you will find useful information and answers to commonly asked questions

  • Q: Where are you located?
    • A: We host classes in Denver at the CSU spur building at the National Western Complex. It is a beautiful brand new state of the art facility with an indoor heated arena.
  • Q: What ages of riders do you take?
    • A: We take students 4 years and older. We have limited space for adult riders under 200 pounds.
  • Q: What ability of riders do you take?
    • A: Beginner to intermediate.
  • Q: Do you take riders with special needs?
    • A: Yes. We are a PATH certified center, and can take riders with both cognitive and physical disabilities. We have a wheelchair ramp. You can contact the owner at jami@connectionsthroughhorses.com to discuss specific disabilities and accommodations.
  • Q: Do you have a weight limit?
    • A: Yes, we have a weight limit of 200 pounds for our current horses.
  • Q: How much does it cost?
    • A: We have a no contract introductory session that costs only $75
  • Q: How do I schedule a class?
    • A: Contact us at jami@connectionsthroughhorses.com to discuss what days and times are available.
    • We will confirm with you, and send a payment request and liability waivers.
  • Q: I have another question.
    • Contact Jami at jami@connectionsthroughhorses.com or 303.646.6166