What is Therapeutic or Adaptive Riding?

Partnering with a horse to teach horsemanship skills to individuals with all disabilities.

Why is this effective?

There are numerous benefits to working with horses. First of all it doesn’t feel like work. Interacting with a horse is therapy in an of itself. Start working on grooming, picking hooves, brushing manes, putting on tack and you are working on fine motor skills. Get a horse to trust you? You are working on social skills and patience. Lead a horse and you are working on balance and motor planning. Ride a horse and you are working on gross motor skills and core strength.

Our Model is Different

We are not only working on the physical aspects of riding here, but also mental aspects.  First off, riders are invited and encouraged to be as independent as is possible and safe.  The confidence that comes from being able to control a 1000 pound horse is amazing and what so many students need – confidence.  We are also about challenging our students and then coaching them positively to overcome those challenges with the horse.  Again, this is how true confidence and resilience is created.  We encourage students to try things that get them out of their comfort zone which leads to them trying new things in other areas of their life.  We do not allow negative self talk and we give students ideas how to stop this habit both inside and outside of classes.  We don’t allow excuses, but rather encourage students to move forward with knowledge about what they can achieve.

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