Staying fit for riding

Most of you don’t have ready access to a horse, and riding centers are not allowed to host classes during the Stay at Home order. So what is a horse fanatic supposed to do to stay ready to ride. Of course, nothing is quite like riding, but there are a few things to help you. First off, if you have an exercise ball, sit on it somewhat like you would sit on a horse and rock back and forth, side to side. This will exercise your core muscles so that you won’t loose all that good strength that you have acquired. Next, you will need to keep your calves loose – so stand facing a wall and put your toes up against the wall and lean forward to stretch your calf muscles one at a time. Next, if you are able, go for walks this well help keep your endurance up. Another thing you can do is push ups, no particular reason – I just think push ups are a great all around exercise. Keep your knees down if a regular push up is too much. Now for the grand finale – YOGA! you can find any number of yoga videos on youtube that you can follow along with. Yoga is great for building muscle and staying limber – things that will help you immensely when you are ready to ride again! Happy workout!