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Horses – What’s the Big Deal?

You have heard about the magic of horses – what’s the big deal? When considering putting your child in a horseback riding program, you are aware that they will learn how to ride a horse, as well as grooming and care. But did you know that the benefits of horsemanship at an early age have WAY more benefits? And these effects go far beyond the scope of horse care and riding skills. People who have been around horses from an early age tend to be more confident, patient, and focused. On top of that, they also learn responsibility because it takes a great deal of responsibility to properly care for a horse.

Shyness overcome

Think of a child who comes to their first class timid, unsure if they can handle such a large, majestic creature. After a short time, that same timid rider will see that they are capable of improving their skills in riding and groundwork and that will give them a feeling of power. With each successful riding day, their confidence will grow. This will spill over in other aspects of their life because they now know that they are able to do more than they ever thought possible. It iw well known that confidence is important now and later in life. It takes confidence to find a job, find a spouse, ask for a raise from your employer, etc. Working with horses can give children the level of confidence necessary in life.

Who needs Focus? Everyone!

Being around horses also takes patience and focus. A horse can tell right away when you are distracted or frustrated, and they can be known to give you a hard time because of it. Horses react best when they are receiving your full attention and you are focused on the time you are spending with them. As most adults know, life takes an enormous amount of patience and focus. You need these skills at a job, in a relationship, and as a parent. Can you imagine being a parent who is not focused on their child(ren)? Or a parent who has no patience? It would make it very difficult to be a successful parent. Therefore, being patient and focused can help you immensely in multiple areas.

Now is the time to start!

So if you’re on the fence about whether it’s a good idea to put your child into our riding program, think back to these benefits. As you can see, the benefits are way more than simply learning to ride a horse. Wouldn’t it be such a gift for your child to have these skills later in life? It’s far less of a commitment than buying a horse yourself. Your child can get all the benefits of horsemanship without the huge investment needed to have your own horse. So what are you waiting for? We have availability to fit almost any schedule. Set your child up for success now. You won’t regret it.