What are the benefits of Therapeutic Riding?

  1.  Improved balance – sitting astride on a horse with hands on the reins requires core strength and improves balance quickly.
  2. Increased range of motion.  The need to do movements that are outside the normal range will help increase muscle tone and range of motion. 
  3. Can reduce spasticity – the warmth and rhythm of the horse can stretch muscles and reduce spasticity in legs.
  4. Improved coordination – to get a horse what you want it to do requires proper rein usage, leg aids, use of your seat, gaze, posture etc.  Horses are great in that the response to cues can be an immediate reinforcement if done correctly.
  5. Improved self confidence – being able to control a 1000 pound animal with the skills you have learned in class – priceless!
  6. Patience – horses can have a mind of their own.  Riders need to have patience and consistency in working through issues.  Early in the human/horse relationship they will learn that getting frustrated with the horse does not help the horse to do what the student desires.  They learn that they need to stay calm to get the horse to respond.
  7. General sense of well being – to get out of the clinical setting and in to the fresh air, barn smells, sunshine is therapy for anyone.

There are many other benefits to a quality Therapeutic Riding Program.  Join our team and find out.